Refer a guest & we'll pay you 5% of their stay

Do you know others that may need accommodation? Refer them to us and we will pay you 5% of their total reservation as a thank you.

Services & Amenities

How it work

Share Our Info

Your apartment is completely self contained. You have your own bathroom, living room and kitchen etc so nothing is shared with other people

They Book A Stay

Bedding and towels are cleaned by a large national laundry company, trusted by UK hospitals & care homes

You Get Paid 🎉

Apartments are all self check-in. Keys are disinfected & stored in a secure lock box outside the apartment

Book direct our rooms and get more benefit

All you need to do is share our details with someone you think might need accommodation and that’s it.

No sign-up needed
No hoops to jump through
Money in your account within days